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We’re bridging the gap between what students have and what students need to succeed in classrooms throughout Southwestern PA. Because we believe a good education is one of the best opportunities a child has to reach his or her potential. And showing up to school is only half the battle.


60k local students don't have basic school supplies


30% of students in Allegheny County qualify for help

For families who are strugglig to afford food, pencils and paper just don’t top the list of necessities. But that means there are more than 60,000 school-age kids in our region who don’t have access to the most basic supplies—the things that enable students to participate in learning activities, complete their homework and feel like valuable members of the class.

Reported Impact


increase in project completion


increase in classroom participation


increase in student morale


increase in attendance and on-time arrivals

Meanwhile, school districts are budgeting less for supplies every year, especially in low-income areas. And when neither students nor schools can contribute, the financial burden falls on their teachers. In 2015, 99.5% of surveyed teachers spent money from their salaries on supplies for their classroom and students. 

Testimonial Portrait

Our kids come in sometimes without book bags; they don’t have pencils. They don’t have any kind of school supplies.

Sherine Raymond, 1st Grade Teacher

This is a real problem in our community. And We're responding with a simple, proven solution:

School Supplies for a Brighter Future

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